Tuesday, July 6, 2010

july 4th extravaganza

while jacob had to work quite a bit this weekend we still enjoyed the, mostly, beautiful weather and the festivities. we made it to the filmore jazz festival on saturday afternoon. The music was awesome but definitely beat out by the garlic fries and the photographs by an artist named Lisa Kristine. she seems to capture the real person and her travels seem very extensive.
on sunday we made it to the fort mason farmers market for berries and then had some lovely friends over for dessert and to watch the fireworks. some were lost in the fog but it was beautiful and different and we still saw many of my favorite firework, the weeping willow
and monday we finally made it to part of the lands end trail.

we explored tucked away beaches and the bridge and watched the surf.

we love the fourth of july

*i only had my iphone for the trail. so while they're not good quality pics they are the only ones you'll see while my photo uploader and computer are not speaking to one another.


  1. Love your photo's and stories....great composition of the rocks and gg bridge in background... Nice! Love you!!