Friday, July 23, 2010


on the way to my second interview yesterday,
yes there are rounds of interviews, for a coffee shop people, a cafe. seriously.....but whatever i need it.
so we're walking and thinking about getting a burrito when a delicious smell wafts toward us, it basically grabbed us by the nose like in the cartoons, and jacob says you want to go get a pastry?, and i'm dragging my feet a bit because we'd said burritos you know and i didn't want him to feel guilty because of my longing look toward the delicious smell but then he started walking toward it, i think the smell grabbed him too, and seemed to really want to go. So we tried tartine together. there are no words for this cafe. its owned by a couple, one does all the bread the other does all the desserts. there are lines at all times pretty much and they sell four barrell coffee. need i say more?
oh but i can't stop. we enjoyed the ham and cheese croissant. its huge and much browner than a typical crossiant but so flaky and smooth on the inside. with gruyere cheese. we topped it off with a morning bun. its not to sweet but very flavorful with a hint of orange and brown sugar and cinnamon.

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