Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Way with Words

I've been reading as much as possible lately. With more time on my hands than normal I've been reading books like they were my job,
I wish.
Some of the most notable recent works are Lydia Davis' Break It Down and Sailing Alone Around the Room.
Both authors take the ordinary and bring it to the light of day in a new, extraordinary way.
I loved Davis' excerpts and felt that she really shined in her shortest pieces, that summed up a feeling perfectly. Collins' poetry also accomplished the task of capturing feeling. I liked that he did not need to be bogged down in despair to talk about the feelings of sadness or loneliness and he has an exceptional sense of humor that carries itself throughout.


  1. i just read your last 5 posts, and a little bit i want your life. just saying.

  2. in the heck do you read so fast?

    Will you please read "The Help" next?

    I think you will love it.