Friday, August 20, 2010

another lost story

so on monday e and i went shopping and rode the muni home. it was crowded and hard to find a seat and on the last bus i remembered holding my wallet. we got off, i ran to work and then we went to get dinner. i reached for my wallet and it wasn't there. this never happens to me. its always there in another section of the purse or randomly in my pocket. its not there. i figure it must be at home. so we eat and have fun, come home, its not there. i look again the next morning, getting desperate now. nothing. so i call muni hopelessly and report a missing wallet. i can kind of hear them giggle, a lost wallet, on muni, seriously.....but i figured what the heck. then i called the bank and cancelled all my cards. jacob's dad is a fraud detective and so i heard all the stories of stolen identities....i waited till thursday to check on replacing my driver's license and discovered that yes i would have to return to the dmv. i was low. then i got a call. an unknown call. the voice was high pitched, smooth and sketchy. i knew it was the creditors calling, my identity was lost. but then she said, i think we have something of yours. its true, my wallet was recovered by muni. we went and picked it up immediately. i was estatic. everything was there and we were near rainbow cooperative grocery, which i've written about before but never went too. it was amazing, tons of bulk items and delicious produce. we even made wheat bread with our purchases. i love it when days are better than expected.


  1. So glad it worked out, darling!

  2. Renews my faith in humanity - some precious person chose to do the right thing! We will call it "Christina's Miracle".