Monday, August 2, 2010

blue bottle

so i've entered the sacred place that is blue bottle's headquarters and returned to tell about it. i've imagined what it would be like many times and it lived up. i got a little lost on the way there but i successfully maneuvered the bart and oakland to find them. it was beautiful and smelled even better. we learned about the intricacies and sensitivity of espresso. by the end mine were decent but i've got a long way to go. which is nice, i need a challenge and we have five more days of training left!


  1. Wow! So exciting that you made it into the inner sanctum :-D

  2. remember how amazing you taught ME to be at coffee stuff? be instpired. continually. and know you're better than.... even me. ;) love you.

  3. aaaah! what a dream come true! so glad for you and cant wait to hear exciting adventures in coffee to come :)