Wednesday, August 4, 2010


last night I made a delicious thai red curry. it was from Nigella Express and lived up to her delicious description. its layers of flavors with coconut milk and the thai red curry paste made for a spicy yet smooth treat that i was very proud of. and besides going to get the ingredients, made easier by the closeness of asian markets on clement st, it was very simple. mainly just stirring. i love the feeling of filling my home with delicious smells as well as my stomach. while i needed the recipe in this case i'm learning to trust myself a bit more when it comes to cooking. at my current job i've learned the art of adding a bit of this or a bit of that once you are familiar with a dish. in many instances there's not really a wrong that can't be adjusted. and i'm learning that many items from a jar or a box can be modified to taste like homemade and if it means you'll actually eat the item instead of just dreaming about the day you have hours to roll out pasta or let sauce simmer indefinitely its well worth letting go of the guilt.

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