Tuesday, August 31, 2010


my dad and sister were able to visit us a couple of weekends ago and we had the best time exploring the city and spending time together. it was great to see them and have them be with us as a married couple. 

we ate a delicious meal at stellinas

we walked to point reyes

we spent saturday morning at the farmer's market

my good friend stephanie threw us a little church wedding shower which was so sweet

there were many photo shoots, {note that this is the one picture of my dad, see the shadow? this will not be the case next time, oh the curse of being the photographer} 

we walked to the meat market to pick up sunday night dinner, we grilled out and carissa sauteed some incredible carrots in butter. wow.

they came and saw me at work

we ate breakfast at boogaloos, in the mission. it was amazing

it was unusual, they had some vegan options, and this is their plaintain cake. it was so good. i love sweet and savory so the banana with the beans was superb. i also had lemon cornmeal pancakes. yum

we tried mr. and mrs. miscellaneous

my sister and i were silly as usual

and my dad organized my cabinets. thank you!

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