Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i know i'm from texas and that i should love the cold weather in the summer and be happy to evade the heat, and i was until approximately 2 weeks ago. first it was the rain for way more months on end than usual, and then it went straight to unseasonable coldness which was already unseasonably cold and then i got a cold and can't stop coughing. enough is enough. but one of my best friends is visiting this week , and i've warned her about the cold, i learned my lesson the hard way, most people don't seem to expect this weather in the summer, and we're headed to napa which i just checked and is in the upper 70s possible 80s. i can't wait. we are going to have a blast and i might just wear a t-shirt and shorts, the treat! i've got to find a place with normal seasons that last 3 months. c'mon it has to exist somewhere right? any suggestions.....

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  1. right?? this weather has been killing me! it's actually nice today! hope you had fun!!