Saturday, August 7, 2010

a little bit of everything

its been a lovely weekend so far, i've been slowed down a bit with a cold, but we've enjoyed the return of friends and some new adventures. yesterday i baked a delicious peach buckle which is just a fruity cake but i used browned butter which is my new favorite ingredient, it made the dish delectable.

we made it to the ranger's game at the a's stadium and enjoyed the win immensely. while i normally roam the stadium during baseball it was entertaining and good company makes a difference. i will say it was the coldest ranger's game, make that baseball game i've ever been to. they did put on a great fireworks show.

the farmer's market was on the list for this morning and we were joined by the harpers who were brave enough to ride bikes down there with us. it was wonderful. we bought some tomatoes and goat cheese and tried pounds of peaches and nectarines and pluots. Followed by lunch at java red's under the bay bridge.

what a way to enjoy the city.


  1. That Rangers win should make the grin on Nolan Ryan's face even bigger! Your buckle is a work of art - good for you!

  2. this makes me jealous of your life. happy for you, but pretty jealous.

    p.s.: do you guys listen to city and colour? you should start. and then tell me what you think. ;) love.

  3. what the heck is a buckle... ignoring the weird name for now, ummm, you are going to have to make that for me sometime!!