Thursday, August 26, 2010

mr. and mrs. miscellaneous

via cooking with the single guy
things are slowing down a bit now and as i contemplate the last two weeks i have a lot to share. but at the top of the list is mr. and mrs. miscellaneous. i love ice cream. bi-rite has always been my fave in San Francisco but i'm always looking for new options. we found this new delicious dessert thanks to my sister who found it in a magazine. its in the dogpatch neighborhood first of all, which is quickly becoming my new favorite. its a wonderfully designed location with long communal tables and huge windows. now onto the ice cream. its made with strauss milk of course, and the flavors are unusual but not overwhelming. jacob and i tried the chicory coffee and the bannanas foster. we have to go back when they have the ballpark though which contains anchor beer flavor, and pretzels. my sister tried some fruiter flavors which were also sweet but not syrupy. to top it off they make their own cones. they were the best. light and crunchy. there's no website yet but they have a facebook page where you can check the flavors of the day.

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