Saturday, January 22, 2011

La Marzoco

La Marzoco espresso machines are amazing, the pinnacle of espresso machines in cafes, if a cafe has one its normally a sign of greatness. they put on a geek fest of coffee accouterments this week including pretty much every stellar roaster/cafe in the bay area and every way of brewing coffee possible, including a bike powered espresso machine. i pulled shots for HI-Q coffee and got way too caffeinated, it was a dream. i think i might have talked a bit too much but i really enjoyed connecting with people who share the same passions and drive.

we also ate lunch at Gather, which was in the same building as the conference. perfection in a pizza, its true, crispy and chewy, eggs, bacon and carmelized onion. it was brilliant and i throughly enjoyed the whole experience.

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