Wednesday, January 26, 2011

street photographer

this video has captivated me. Vivian Maier's work is exceptional, yet she never showed them to anyone and many were never even developed. why did she take the pictures she did? what would her life had been like if she lived in our age of digital cameras and blogs? i'm very intrigued about how we process and show ourselves through the internet. we are so open, myself included, with our thoughts and feelings and dreams and pictures, but only a few years ago that kind of transparency was not even possible much less acted upon. i identify with her in part because she lived and worked with a family that wasn't her own. now we'll never know her motives or how she took the haunting images of street life in chicago. but i like to think that her camera was her connection to the people she photographed. that while she lived alone her camera gave her access and helped her have a place in her community.

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