Monday, January 3, 2011

snap away

since last year at this time my camera and computer stopped talking there has been a dismal lack of pictures but i am back in business baby. with a digital camera and two film cameras you are probably going to be sick at the amount of pictures i put up. but hopefully not. here goes.

i can't wait to get this year started. i am taking a photography class that starts in a couple of weeks and we have a lot to look forward to. but i'm also trying to be content and relax in this time that's a bit slower, aka january the month i hate. i'm learning again that not every month or minute must be full to the brim of excitement and adventure. sometimes i'm supposed to wait and rest and i realized that the past six months, have been one of the first times that i've not wanted to be somewhere else or doing something else. i've really enjoyed my job, where i've lived and overall what i've been doing. its kinda caught me by surprise and i like it. knowing me it won't last long, but i like being content and hopefully i'll take that attitude with me whatever i end up doing next.


  1. i like you. a LOT. and my heart sings to read such genuine words. i'm happy for your happiness, sweet friend. miss you so much.

  2. The pictures are just great! For our part, we will be happy to see as many pictures as you take! It is a joy to know you are enjoying the new cameras so much! Love you!

  3. Oh I love these.. The shadows are great, i think my favorite is the new years eve one, awesome. I keep coming back to the two camera's, the shadows, simplicity. Very nice.