Saturday, January 8, 2011

resolutions in action

though we didn't really make resolutions this year i declared that we would clean out the parts of our apartment that people don't see when they come to parties, which is when we normally clean. therefore today we tackled two drawers, our pantry, a towel cabinet that now has no towels in it and duh duh duh the closet. it was daunting to be sure but necessary. and we are a cleaning team when we get going. i don't have before pictures because i'm embarrassed, just know it was bad. i mean how can someone with 20+ pair of shoes think she's a minimalist? apparently that is what the floor and back corners of the closet are for, to help me live in denial. so atleast i have now confronted these issues, thrown some things out and been reunited with others that i forgot i owned. we celebrated with burritos and a movie. the fighter is amazing.

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  1. Ok, I've been wanting to comment on this one for days but couldn't log in on computer i was on... :-/.

    I'm so proud of your Battle with the closet, sounds like a decisive victory by you and your army of one against overwhelming odds.

    Love the celebration picture...
    The mysterious headless burrito person seems very familiar...
    Two of my favorite's in the same picture, wow.

    Keep up the good work :-D