Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sunday farmers market

the fort mason farmer's market

i love my standby produce this winter, butternut squash, not to mention learning about new fruits and the beauty of organic garlic, while the last photo could use some improvement, i love our double reflection and jacob's hat. i made this salad with sprouts from the farmer's market, it was delicious. what a wonderful sunday.


  1. Goodness... Your testing my linguistic skills with your photo's... So nice.

    Love the shadows and lighting of these... Especially on the hand in garlic picture.

    Squash picture... Denim.. Reds.. Such colorful swiss charr.. Lovely.

    Can't believe your debut pictures with film or so good :-O

    Glad your Sunday was nice, you deserved a good one! ;-)

  2. I'm sorry, I looked at these and really liked them but did not tell you so. I love the farmer's hand holding his garlic and the bright colors of the veg - wonder what all the little butternut squash are saying to one another? ha ha! And then you two sweeties in the window's reflection - I like it but it also reminds me how far away I am from the two of you.

  3. these are really great. I just spent about 10 minutes just staring at the last one. If you were ghosts this is what you would look like.