Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Palace of Fine Arts Unveiled

they've finally finished remodeling and the palace of fine arts looks better than ever. its one of my favorite parts of living here. it was built for the worlds fair in 1915 but has experienced many changes since then. it marked the entrance to the first american exhibition of the famous european impressionist paintings. we are privileged to live so close and see it every day. we love wandering around the newly opened grounds.this was an interesting medium for film because there were lots of bright spots as well as shadow. there's so much to learn.


  1. Oh, one more reason for a visit! To see the Palace finished. :-D
    Love the pictures as always.
    The shadows on the top picture especially... So nice!

    Love you :)

  2. ugh the photos are so delicious.

  3. i remember this was on our first adventure together! what a lovely memory :-) and now i'm so excited to see it again!!!