Saturday, May 14, 2011

birthday question

thanks for your response to my birthday question. unfortunately blogger was down most of my birthday and the comments that i saw on wednesday were lost, i'm betting, naively maybe, this is why there are not more responses. but if you commented and its no longer showing up or forgot and want to answer now, you still can. the question for you to answer is where were you at 25? i've gotten some interesting and fun answers so far and can't wait to hear yours.

now for my question: what has it taken me 25 years to learn?

This year has shown me that there is value in slowing down and not always striving for the next thing. i've enjoyed reading and exploring and working without a definite end or goal in mind. prioritizing what i enjoy is acceptable and even valuable at times. in the coming year i have some goals that i would like to attain. {more on that later} but feel that i will be more able, informed and competent because of this year's experiences.

i look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. love your answer to the birthday question, Christina. I also need to slow down, and find fullness and joy in everyday things--right where I am! Thanks for sharing! :)
    To answer your question, I turned 25 in "The Gambia" in West Africa. We had one restaurant in town which made local dishes. However, the owner told Ruco that he could make us American burgers and fries just for my birthday if we told him 24 hrs. in advance! So we ordered my birthday meal, and excitedly anticipated our burgers and fries for the following day. When my bday came, we rode our bikes in the blistering heat to the restaurant, but the owner had forgotten. :( He hadn't gotten the ingredients to make the burgers. haha. So we had local dishes instead (pounded dried fish with rice). And that was my 25th! haha! I was so very disappointed at the time, but now I never take a wonderful bday dinner out for granted! :)