Monday, May 30, 2011

cafe love: sightglass

i promised you in this post that i would visit sightglass for this series so when jacob and i were in the neighborhood last week we made sure to stop by. its still a new cafe, they are creating the large espresso bar in the back, which means that the entryway is where you sit, order coffee and chat with the baristas. this open area is a beautiful combination of cement and wood panelling. i can't wait till they reveal the full space, which should occur sometime in june. the coffee leaves nothing to be desired though. i've tried the chemex here in the past but jacob and i went for the v-60 pour over this time. we tried the Genesis and the Berlin. they were both crisp, and full bodied. yet i loved the Genesis. it was a darker roast and had a syurpy texture with peach notes that resonated throughout my mouth. as we sat and sipped we asked the barista about their espresso. its a blend from all over the world whose different flavor parts make it sing. we also discussed the differences in cost of those beans from last year to this. its increased dramatically, many of the beans doubling in price. i've known that prices have risen due to weather and increased demand but it was interesting to see how it directly affects this cafe. no wonder cafe prices have risen lately, something to keep in mind when you visit a cafe. the passion of sightglass is obvious and they will continue to purchase and eat most of the costs of that bean because its the best. and that's what makes sightglass and other third wave coffee houses great is that passion for coffee, coffee farmers and consumers comes first.

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