Monday, May 23, 2011

cafe love: home

so there are many things to love about brewing coffee at home. you can make it many different ways and to your own perfect taste. and its only a few feet from your bed, the best place to drink coffee. it can be confusing though and it can seem like you need alot of gadgets. but this is not true. there are many options for home brewing and many price ranges. as well as as things that are essential and non essential. i have french pressed coffee for the past few years, and love the rich, oily flavor. but since working at readers cafe i have learned more about the clean, crisp taste of pour overs. a standard grocery cone is about 5 dollars and with a regular kettle a good cup of coffee can be enjoyed. most recently though jacob bought me a chemex and i can't get enough. its sweet, complex flavor has been a wonderful breakfast staple and we are both enjoying mastering the technique. the best way, i've found to learn about new methods and gain skills, outside of becoming a barista is the brew methods website. many roasters have instructions on their websites but this puts them all in one place, and has every method under the sun. how do you like your coffee?

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  1. I have also been seduced by the chemex and left my French Press sad, lonely, cold, and dry. I gotta get one of those kone metal filters and bring some coffee oil back in to my life, mmmmmmmm.