Monday, May 16, 2011

cafe love: four barrel

four barrel is a brilliant cafe for many reasons. they offer options and simplicity. not an easy balance. in the world of specialty coffee one of the hardest steps is conveying your product to the consumer. explaining why your coffee is more expensive than starbucks, why there are contraptions everywhere and what to order based on the customers taste without being snobby is not an easy mission. but with four barrels well designed cafe you can choose either simplicity and speed with a french press basic coffee or other espresso drinks. Or for those with curious taste buds you can also try one of six pour overs or single origin espressos. the slow bar barista is also excellent at explaining the brewing process and the taste sensations it will produce while preparing your cup. customers are treated to vinyl records while watching the roaster expertly perform his duties on the german probat behind the bar.
the barista at the slow bar called us over and i could not resist the ethiopia leka wato. as i sipped, cherries and lemon zest flitted over my tongue. we took our place at the bar enjoyed the creative atmosphere created by the masters at four barrel.

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  1. i cant get over the third picture from the top. just amazing with the coffee dripping through the V60...