Friday, May 27, 2011

happy weekend!

this past week we celebrated our 1st anniversary, i'll be sharing pictures of chez panisse and us in our fancy get up next week, but i wanted to share my second favorite photo from the yashica roll this weekend. the golden gate bridge is always photogenic but i love how its set between the blue sky and turquoise water.

you must check out the blue hour, brian has just returned from italy and the photos are moving, delicious and beautiful.

we're working hard this weekend but i plan on resting on memorial day. that will probably entail curling up with a good book. i've been lax on sharing my favorite books so try and i'll catch up now: i've enjoyed MFK Fisher's serve it forth, elizabeth gilberts stern men, isabelle allende's daughter of fortune, and my most recent favorite the particular sadness of lemon cake. an exploration of the connection of taste to emotion and a girl's journey to adulthood.
i also hope to see bridesmaids. it looks hilarious!

i have some extra strawberries here so i'm going to try this recipe but i've also seen alot of rhubarb cake recipes lately and might branch out in that direction next.

jacob's been working on his new album lately and has posted a demo. this one delves into the themes of journeying on the high seas. listen and share it with your friends!

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  1. Wow! Great gg bridge shot... Makes me want to head out on a trip.
    But then again what doesn't!?!
    Great shot!