Friday, May 20, 2011

happy weekend!

i am looking forward to this weekend. golden gate seminary's graduation is tonight and i feel like a lot of people are transitioning like us, which makes me feel better. i also can't wait to celebrate my friends' graduate school successes. jacob and i are hoping to hit up sol food as well while we're there.

Also this weekend, i'm preparing to put some photographs up at jacob's starbucks. i'm a bit nervous about curating, printing and framing them, as well as how people will respond. if at all. but i think its a step that moves me closer to feeling like a photographer. another way i'm trying to stay on top of that aspect is updating my flickr.

in the coffee realm,
stuff like this, excites me about moving back to texas.

this recipe was as delicious as i hoped, i'm planning to spend some time in the kitchen with my heart of the artichoke birthday present. i hope your weekend is full of things and people you love.


  1. i just saw jacob link to your blog, now i'm going to have to follow! justin and i just ate at oddfellows for mother's day and their coffee was delicious! when are you guys planning to come back to texas? we'd love to have coffee dates with you when you do!

  2. Love this picture cuz it's of my favorite area