Thursday, May 5, 2011

finches: behind the scenes

when jacob asked me to help him work on his album cover i was really nervous. i thought about using a photo but none fit perfectly. he kept saying he wanted a collage but i was imagining cheesy photos of gregory peck and couldn't feel good about a direction. its like he's said many times that you can't force creativity but i was definitely trying.
until we were at readers' cafe, surrounded by old books and we mentioned maybe using one for the album cover. i began to search for the perfect thing with a few images of book art i've admired drifting through my head. i stumbled across a beautiful book flap in a work by George Elliot. From there,i was cutting out letters and bits of text. and its been very meaningful to produce something with jacob and about something that i think is beautiful. show your support by downloading and liking it here!

1 comment:

  1. you guys are such a great team. When I saw this album cover I immediately loved it. Very interesting and creative! And the music that it represents is just as powerful. Great job you two!