Tuesday, May 10, 2011

cafe love: ritual coffee roasters

i heard about ritual when i first moved to san francisco. it was the cool place to be. there were only a couple of other third wave cafes at the time and ritual was the first. i met the owner a couple of months ago at the cupping they offer every friday at 2. eileen was sweet but you could tell she was tough. she opened ritual when everyone said that it was no place for a cafe. that there was no money in the mission. those people missed the boat. eileen wanted to be where the next literary movement was and thought with 826 down the street, this was quite possibly the place. i love her vision. its not just about the best coffee but the community that the best coffee provides. i enjoyed a latte, made with the sweet tooth espresso, when my dad visited last week and was impressed as always by everything ritual offers.

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