Saturday, May 7, 2011

dads' visit

we had a wonderful time with our dads' this weekend. i love traipsing around the city with mine. i'll be upfront here. we eat alot, but we also have alot of adventures, take a lot of pictures and overall enjoy ourselves. these are my favorites from my dad's camera.

sutro heights

dolores park, bi-rite sandwiches and ice cream
buena vista breakfast, my dad and i first enjoyed this meal when my parents drove up the coast with me as a baby, and they wonder why i had to come back.
pigeon point lighthouse
skipping stones, mr furr won but i am pretty sure a couple of my stones skipped twice, atleast
focaccia bread from the best place ever
hat shopping at Goorin bros, its over 100 years old
steak dinner together
bun mee sandwiches and carmelized citrus rice bowl
moishe's pippies chicago, jewish deli
smitten's ice cream, made in small batches to order, as well as home made cones,
le mediterrenne, my dad's favorite!
final burgers at whiz burgers. i'm so glad they came to visit, love yall!


  1. love the picture of you and Jacob on the beach :)

  2. Some wonderful times with wonderful people... love you!