Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love breakfast. i love the mix of sweet and savory, say pancakes and eggs or other combination. i love starting my day with something warm and filling. i love conversation as a day begins. yet, i've walked by bechelli's many times without stopping. it has everything going for it but with so many delicious morning options i had not tried it yet.

 my dad's asked me about it and the hornthal's have even said it was the best place in the neighborhood. 

so when bekah and i wanted some breakfast this morning, bechelli's it was. it was very quaint, with green booths and a large counter. they played sara bareilles and it was a lovely way to start a gloomy, rainy morning. i enjoyed my banana pancakes and sausage immensely and you can't forget the huge diner mug of coffee. 

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  1. So glad that we ate there together later as well! Such a fun time :)