Monday, January 25, 2010

lost things

i swear there is a black hole where some of my favorite things lie. they just disappear. books, hats, important notes, etc. where things, once they get fed up with me, jaunt off too. 

one item that just recently joined this list was my planner. i should be grateful its only a month in. i realize that i'm too attached to it and knew this day would come. 

moleskine designed the perfect book for my notes and my schedule and it was really more of a journal. a collection of my life for me to remember and look at and to try and keep me on time. 

 i've called the school, i've relived my steps multiple times across the whole weekend, i've ordered searches of specific rooms and checked under the lining of my bag. 

if you came into contact with me at all this weekend i would greatly appreciate it if you would check your cars, your rooms, or any other place where you and i came into contact. or you think we might have or that you think a planner would like to hide.

i will have a memorial service soon and this probably marks my full transition to an online calendar. such as teux deux . sad day.

1 comment:

  1. love this post! and i SO know what you mean! i lose everything!
    ps- i read the post above this on, and now feel completely jealous. you always do the most spectacular things!