Thursday, January 7, 2010


basically I love traveling and when my brother went to Lewis and Clark in Portland I jumped at the chance to visit this beautiful city. We had a great time and I feel in love, with the food, the coffee, the book stores and the incredible Ace Hotel. And then to seal the deal today I found this, a wedding dress shop called the English Dept. As a former English major this strikes many chords in my heart and they appear to have a lovely, unique collection of dresses. I am itching to travel, maybe this would be a good excuse? 

I am going to try on dresses in San Francisco though, so i'm sure i'll come across enough beautiful pieces as it is,  I know which one I want but figure I should give the others a chance as well. But as "they" say, when you know, you know. so we'll see.

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  1. CUTE christina!! honestly and truly, i love it!