Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Mission

I love the Mission District of San Francisco. The nooks and crannies, the street art, the people, the food, the shopping. It all combines to form a very unique fragrance that lingers after visiting the place. While much could and should be said about gentrification the pluses of urban renewal are many. Return to cities is an important action that shows faithfulness to places that were once discarded or thought "too bad" to ever be recovered. 

On to more interesting subjects ;).....Ice cream. I rave about many subjects and favorites and to die for places to my friends. Bi-Rite Ice cream is one of those places and it happens to be in the Mission District. One friend, Bekah, doesn't even like ice cream but I insisted, this is different, you've never had anything like it. She agreed to try it but often times many things stood in our way such as work, school, responsibilities, ick. But here it is, January and the sunlight of freedom has broken through the clouds. Bekah and I finally made it to Bi-Rite and she was won over. They hand make each batch with Clover organic milk and local ingredients. My personal favorite is the Ritual Coffee Toffee. Ritual is another incredible coffee roaster in the area and their coffee shines through in every bite. We sampled many of the flavors and she realized the greatness of the cinnamon with snickerdoodle. Though she decided on salted carmel and coffee toffee. 

We'll have to go back for their famous balsamic strawberry though as it wasn't there that day.

 What a delicious way to spend an afternoon with a good friend. 

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