Sunday, January 17, 2010


While I work saturday afternoon i like to try to find something fun to do during the day. Deanne called and was up for an adventure so she dropped by around lunch time. We went to Baker Beach. I searched for sea glass but I'm going to have to go back at low tide. The view of the bridge is beautiful from there. What a wonder. 

Sushi was next on the agenda. Kitaro on Geary has cheap, delicious rolls. I had the 49ers and tempura. I love spicy tuna. 

We zipped by Alamo Square and Deanne saw the view of the Painted Ladies from Full House. 

The craving for Pacific Puffs led us down Filmore and I tried the chocolate puff this time. Wow it was incredible. The cream was perfectly vanilla and smooth. Perfect. 

And to top it off as we rode around the city I looked to my left and a woman in a statue of liberty costume, (middle of the day, no occasion) is doing the splits. only in San Francisco.

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