Thursday, January 28, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

cooking is a hobby that i don't make time to pursue necessarily but when the free time presents itself that's what i fill it with. last october before i acquired an additional job, i made bread, as in i kneaded it and let it rose and baked it in my oven. i made a pie last semester too and something very valuable i've learned from working upstairs is that throwing food together is a viable cooking option. i have a new stir fry recipe and an excellent meat loaf under my belt already. 

its something i love doing for and with people. 

food blogs have considerably expanded my horizons in this arena. i believe i've mentioned this before with the delectable tomato sauce. but now i'm hooked. deb and i are besties. (or would be if she knew who i was. ) on her smitten kitchen blog she divulges many food secrets and delicious recipes. she's hilarious and her recipes have been pretty much fool-proof (except if your like me and try short cuts that extend the process by about 2 hours and much manual labor, as in the case of the pie but it was tasty okay so just do what she says) 

in the instance of these cookies they are perfect. they are just like she describes them, crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle. i'm pretty sure they cure all woes. i make the whole batch, role the dough up and flash freeze the balls, then put them in a plastic bag where they keep for quite a while, perfect for a yummy home made pick me up. make them!

all thank you's can be made in the form of a cookie delivery. 

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