Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

Well, typically I work all day Wednesday but as I got off early I wandered Chestnut a bit. A couple of new restaurants caught my eye: One called delarosa with a delicious looking take on italian food and a wide ranging beer list. They are also open until 1am unusual in this area. Tacolicious is new as of last week and looks delectable. With taco's and small cocktails being the main attractions. 

I stopped at Paper Source and bought a note book to record my capstone information. Its cute but hopefully serious enough for this project. We'll see what use it fits.

I peeked in at Blue Barn and had a cup of Blue Bottle Coffee. It was good, but Bella Donavan is not my favorite. Its a bit sharp but did have some nice citrus notes.

Then I proceeded to read the entire Real Simple Weddings 2010. Hmm... I'm just not sure I'm cut out for the whole wedding deal. But they did have some great ideas. I am counting on having more time/desire to focus on it in the future....I hope that's not wishful thinking. We'll see. I just want to be married, I don't want to pay or plan for a wedding. 


  1. i want to visit some of these places with you!!

  2. would it be bad if i said i agreed with your sentiments on marriage? i don't want to do it either...haha...wait...that could be taken the wrong i've done it...oh boy...wait wait...i want to get married!!!

    and hang out with you at all these cool places...

  3. just give me a couple days notice and I will be at the courthouse to act as witness :)