Wednesday, April 21, 2010

anticipation and distraction tools

he's coming today!!!
yay, i'm so excited to just hang out
and check off our check list and cook and be together.

distraction tool #1: i made a delectable salad last night with avocado and cucumber and i've heard that if you put a fried egg on top it is good protein and it serves as the dressing.
it totally worked,
it was delectable.

#2: i read a tip about fried eggs on food 52. its an awesome blog about home cooked food and a resource for recipes.
you send in your favorite recipes.
if it wins for the week its going into a cookbook they're compiling.

#3: rosemary shortbread i made from that website, that i found at forme-foryou
i can't say she didn't warn me,
i think i am addicted.

so i can't say they're really working but these have been fun adventures. only 4 more hours.

1 comment:

  1. The shortbread was good! Thanks for the tip on the site and encouraging me to send a recipe, I will work on that this summer!