Friday, April 30, 2010

sol food

via andrew moore
sol food is one of my favorite places to eat in marin.
its fun, open late and delicious. it was my first exposure to
puerto rican food.
their spicy dressing is the perfect temperature and tastes great on all the items. their mango tea and limeade is also the brilliant anecdote to the spice.
it is very unique and i have had many good experiences there.
one not so good, when we made a late night run last year for fried plantains, i thought my car died and would not start only to discover it was in neutral, oops. fortunately the people i called hadn't left yet but it was exciting none the less as all late night adventures should be.
{and people wonder why i gave my car away, i'm hopeless}

last week i introduced jacob to the wonders.
it was a
warm spring day,
festively crowded
and a perfect meal.

i only wish it was closer

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