Thursday, April 15, 2010


my dad has been working very hard on the invitations.
i am so excited to send them out.
we are printing out address labels so i just really hope i put everyone's in correctly.
they are very different and i hope they turn out well.
its already pretty late in the game,
but i think it will be well worth it.


class starts today, because of other things,
{like the invitation issue above}
i have not really focused on it and i regret that because it really could be a beneficial class,
so i'm going to buck up and have a good attitude.
therefore i am not going to be distracted by the blogging world this weekend, no new posts for me.
you can hold me to this....
i hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. class smash. blogging IS the ultimate IPRO.

  2. i be missing my friends. and their posts. although from the looks of it, nothing will be slowing sarah down.