Sunday, April 11, 2010

christina drinks coffee in the city

this should be the new name of my blog it would seem.
while i search for the perfect amount of pressure motivation i can often be found at the many local coffee shops in the area,
as i'm sure you've noticed from past posts.
most recently i returned to an old favorite and one i've been wanting to try.

Friday found me at cibo with april. they are in sausalito, directly across from a not so great coffee shop i used to work in, drama. but they have more than replaced the former. its in a refurbished brick building and they sell blue bottle coffee.
we enjoyed cappuccinos outside and discussed the future and our capstone progress.

this morning i was walking from van ness to first baptist and i passed by the mercury cafe. they began last year and i have wondered if they were any good for some time.
so today i stepped inside.
they had a list of coffees that they fresh brew for each cup, i tried the ethiopian, my usual favorite. the man behind the counter was very friendly and we discussed how often single origin coffees don't need anything else and how we enjoy it black.
they get their coffee from a roaster called de la paz.
which i've heard of but haven't looked into.
now i'll have too.

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  1. i laughed out loud at the "drama" comment.

    love it.

    to do list: take me on a coffee adventure before you's a MRS. & before i wear long-sleeves for a year.