Monday, April 19, 2010


during my life food has always had many meanings. its always been provided for me and i've always been told what was healthy and not. while my choices have not always reflected that, i always have a running mantra about protein and blood sugar levels and how much sugar have you had today......oh moms.

i've not been forced to cook though. i've always been a good stirrer. but that's about the extent of my talent.

at home and in college i've always had choices. i've worked in food service jobs that provided me food. such as free chick fil a and scones. not to mention the cafeteria. i worked in a coffee shop on campus. it was perfect, pretty much. followed by the urban standard in birmingham which was the epitome of delicious food and desserts.

in fact i worked in coffee shops up until a couple of months ago. even now i occasionally eat dinner with the family upstairs but that is much less than i am accustomed to. in shorter words i am learning to feed myself.

this is a feat bigger than i expected. especially without a car, you'd be surprised by how much food two arms can carry but it doesn't last too long. i am also close to a trader joe's, the epitome of grocery stores really, but it still takes a bit to get there so the whole trek can take around two hours.
{the bus with groceries is very interesting but the transit system is a blog for another time. }
everything else around here is pretty expensive.

i also have high aspirations of cooking delectable meals such as those presented by smitten kitchen and my first love nigella*, involving many ingredients and spices while being witty and beautiful to boot.

yet i have not been surprised that frozen pizza and chinese dumplings have always made the list.

{don't worry jacob i have a very extensive list for your visit.i'm going today}

but i am determined to continue my initial cooking push from last semester.
{i still think about that tomato sauce and fresh bread i made}

there is just something so romantic yet important about producing sustenance for oneself. especially when it tastes good.

new summer resolution.

domestic goddess here i come.

*p.s. if anyone wants to pick up how to be a domestic goddess for a wedding present i've been thinking about that book for a while. she is just perfect.

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  1. ugh i need to be inspired like this! which...this post has helped. i want to be a better woman.