Tuesday, April 13, 2010


i have craved one all week to no avail. the opportunity for in n out, my favorite, did not arise and i continued to imagine the meaty, greasy, goodness topped with all my favorite fixins especially grilled onions. these kind of cravings do not happen often but when they do its bad. i googled best burger in san francisco and relived my favorite burgers of all time like the broken record, who puts chopped up bacon in the patty and growing up on jon's hamburgers in fort worth, with tons of their special seasoning on the fries. it was bad. finally on sunday danielle and i stopped over at it's tops burgers.

oh my goodness. its been there since 1933 and it truly lives up to its name. the burger hit the spot along with their fresh cut fries. it was lovely to catch up with danielle as well. so despite the rain it was a beautiful day.

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