Friday, April 9, 2010

i love the nightlife

for my friends birthday we went to the california academy of sciences night life.

they keep the museum open until ten, bring in a dj, food and drinks and give you half price.
its a blast.

i had been once before with jacob and so in discussing the different options they were surprised i had not been to the planetarium or the rainforest.

leanne piped up with, she was with her fiancee......haha.

very true. that was enough.

but this time around it was nice to walk through the humid rainforest amid frogs and birds, and supposedly butterflies

{apparently though they have a 2 week life span
and we came at the end of their shipment term,
do they have things like that posted somewhere?
I want to go back when they just arrive}

the planetarium was very interesting as they showed us some gadgets, such as the world's largest telescope or something and a digital tour of the universe but i was expecting the more typical video tour of the stars.....or how the earth was formed.....

but whatever it was included.

The aquarium always wins out for me though, i loved the anemones

and the bright beauty of the jellyfish.

their movements are mesmerizing.

i'll be back. there is always more to see.

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