Saturday, April 10, 2010


i need pressure.
not too much pressure but enough to make me realize the seriousness of the situation.
i perform best right after doing poorly.
i need to be reminded to work hard.
this is apparent in my job in the area of bedmaking- after my boss commented i recognized that indeed stuffing in the sheet is not enough and researched hospital corners.
yet now i do it without thinking.
another example is ironing.
i did not believe i doing a good job but not until my boss mentioned that i could use improvement did i research how to iron online and watch videos.
i'm still practicing and i know i will master the art of ironing, as the boss calls it.

i strive for excellence but also know how to just get by.

in the area of my capstone it means that i do a lot of reading and then think about what i'm going to write for some period of time,

weeks maybe.....

and then write just before the deadline or atleast before i have to talk to the professors.

i worry this means that i am undisciplined and not self motivated.

if i get the work done does that count?

any opinions or tips?

how do yall work best?

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